The Paracas Peninsula and the Ballestas Islands

We start from Arequipa to the paracas national park. There are multiple variants by coach (almost all night). Some more faces leave you in the same Paracas, others in Ica bound for Lima and others to the neighboring city of Pisco. Prices vary according to the quality of the coach.

It was late. Already almost 4 in the afternoon and they indicated us in the tiny port that marine captaincy only lets the boats leave in the morning. We tried to convince dialogue with the fishermen but we could not reach an agreement that was plausible: they asked us for $ 200 and did not go down.

We chat with more than one tour seller and we begin to calibrate the options and their prices.

exist two separate tours to visit the national park. One terrestrial that crosses the most emblematic places of the Paracas peninsula and others with a 25-person capacity boat that sails to the hieroglyph called Candelabro and subsequently surrounds the two Ballestas islands.

We tried to find a way to include San Gallán Island (a paradise of aquatic fauna) but it seemed totally forbidden.