The Doctor Who exhibit museum in Cardiff

Doctor Who It is one of the British fiction series produced by the BBC with the greatest impact on the screen. The original series was aired since the early sixties and lasted no more or less than until the late eighties. In 1996 a film was recorded on it produced in Wales.

The museum is located near the port of Cardiff and opens its doors between 10 in the morning until 6:30 in the afternoon every day of the week. All lovers of this mythical series can enjoy a vast display of spectacular artifacts, a recital of dresses and lots of creatures out of the fictional imagination of their scriptwriters.

There is a pass that can be used for the entire day. One can visit the museum, take a walk through Cardiff Bay or visit the castle and return to the museum. Around there are a lot of restaurants and bars where liven up the afternoon.

Admission is £ 6.50 for adults, children pay £ 5 and families (2 adults and two children) pay £ 20. Access to the store is free.

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