The Asian Drug Route

The Asian drug route It has been transformed into 1,800 kilometers of roads. The new infrastructure has changed the legendary Mekong region who toured opium and heroin caravans thanks to the disbursement of China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. Let me add one, it was time!

Your heads of government today inaugurated the Mekong runner, a road network that ends the isolation of the legendary region that toured the drug caravans. This extensive network of 1,800 kilometers of roads that cross the forests of Laos, and connect the Chinese city of Kunming, in Yunan province, with Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, marks a milestone in the relations between the six countries for which the Mekong River was the main artery of commercial exchange.

In principle this should be a big step towards cooperation and regional integration, supported by the Asian Development Bank, which has become the largest source of financing for the project. In a short time, the network of carts, bridges and official border crossings, will transform the aspect of this region in which just over three decades ago the communist forces of Laos and Vietnam fought furiously and fiercely the US invading troops.

After the victory of the Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian communists, in the mid-seventies of the last century, this region bathed by the Mekong became the main Opium and heroin transit zone made in the Gold Triangle, where 70% of the drugs that supplied the world market were produced, and the region where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma converge.

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The infrastructure facilitates access to the natural resources of one of the least exploited regions of the Southeast Asia, and in which about 320 million people live. Before the start of the works, and during the four months of the annual rainy season, usually from June to September, road communication through the Mekong region was cut off. Now that the new route is completed, the highway is operational year-round, and In a whole day of driving you can go from Bangkok to Kunming.

With this new route, the number of tourists is expected to increase. Remember that you travelers do not cease to be a very important source of income for countless towns scattered throughout every corner of the planet.

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