Comeragh Mountains: Crossing the deep Ireland

The circus and the impressive lake of Coumshingaun, is under the plain created by the mountains of Comeragh - near the town of Carrick-on-Suir in the county of Tipperary - and it is an example of perfect geometry. Its mossy walls are juicy for climbers and its beauty along that of the lake recalls remote stories of swords, fairies and other medieval legends.
Without a doubt, it is a hidden treasure in Ireland that very few people know. This not only includes travelers but also locals from the area. It deserves enormously to carry out the hiking activity that I tell you next.

Accumulated height difference 732m
Approximate time 5:30 hours

From there, skirt the mountains from the bottom of the plain. The road appears and disappears and weeds believe in certain areas and complicate the path. Continue skirting until you reach the waterfalls of Mahon.

Alternatively we can climb the waterfall at the beginning of the excursion. This area has all kinds of climbing levels.

Alternatively, the return from the lake to the parking lot of the waterfall can be done by road going down to a parking lot 30 minutes southeast of the lake. This option is a bit more boring but we avoid two hours of fighting weeds.