The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games begin underwater

The Chinese can not wait any longer for the moment so marked the opening of the Olympic Games. Therefore, they have taken an initiative almost as particular as the Yellow Humor program and its Chinese cudeiro: The Olympic Games underwater.

The aquarium Undersea world- in the Chinese city of Qingdao - is hosting the first version of the underwater Games. It is like a kind of promotion for what is coming this summer, since this city is an Olympic venue and will host the sailing events.

Among the tests included in these peculiar Games we have fencing - where two swordsmen are dueling perched on a precarious steel cable - and shooting, where they must shoot balloons submerged with submarine rifles. All participants are professional divers who will also participate in demonstrations of other sports such as gymnastics and cycling.

This snack passed by water of what will be the great sporting event of this summer will close its doors - and will leave the oxygen cylinders cornered - on February 12.

Of course, there are no geeks who beat the Chinese!

Via, Vagabondish