The island of Koh Lanta in Thailand

Stop at one of the beaches of Koh Lanta

We booked accommodation on the beach of Klong Khong and, although the first impression was not the best because we arrived at low tide and it was full of rocks, we ended up liking it a lot.

For people to laugh. On a motorcycle and with the goggles for the mosquitoes I ate while driving

All the beautiful beaches are on the west side of the island although we pass the motorcycle on the Old town from the east side. The truth is that I think it is best that you save the trip. The area is dead at night and although we dined very well at a better price than in the beach area, there is nothing to see.

I would not know which beaches to recommend because that goes in the tastes of each one. We crossed all of them and in the end we ended up staying like 7 days without moving from ours. The main asset of Klong Khong Beach is its underwater life but there are several of an incredible natural beauty. Although in the afternoon the low tide and the sea is quite far leaving only a tortuous path of rocks, in the day the water is very clean and the rocks house a large number of multicolored fish.

We are dedicated to a summer life one hundred percent. We got up at 9.30 or 10, we had breakfast quietly, we went down with the diving goggles, books and towels to the beach until lunchtime. Little food, a little more beach, soccer match in the sand with a mixture of Thais and foreigners while the sun was sinking in the sea, bathing and showering for dinner.