Trip to Lanzarote (1): Timanfaya National Park

We had to bring with us the rain of Dublin to discover in depth that the Canary Island of Lanzarote is much more than a place where the guiris are dedicated to shrimp lying on the beach in the morning to then put some caps between chest and back “ made in Spain ”wet with sangria.

Why fool us? You will have 5 years in Dublin and a summer in which the record of consecutive days raining was broken - 43 days - We were looking for the everlasting sun of the Canary Islands as the one that more. But as the first drops fell as soon as we got off the plane, we realized that we had forgotten to leave something at home: the rain.

Luckily we had rented a car for the whole week (at the price of 100 Euros for the whole week with insurance and additional driver included in the Pluscar company) and we began to explore the island after a failed attempt to take advantage of the beach on the first day of stay .

For me, a lover of improvisation and adventure, it was the first time in my life that I was traveling with a prepared pack that included airline tickets and 7-night accommodation in fairly decent apartments. The truth is that it is incredible to see that these offers are sometimes cheaper in countries like Ireland or England than if you leave from the Iberian Peninsula. They can be obtained in Dublin for prices ranging from 250 euros to 400, depending on the season and the quality of accommodation.

Lanzarote It is a volcanic island that makes you feel as if you are walking on the moon. The general landscape is composed of polymorphic rocks of different shades of gray, brown and black, dotted with small white houses - usually of a single height, preserving the uniformity and atmosphere of the island - and a couple of major tourist clusters in the zone of Puerto del Carmen Y Reef.

The first stop of our tour of the island was the Timanfaya National Park.

Going out with the car from Puerto del Carmen, we will head Macher and then Yaiza For, shortly after - the furthest distance between two points in Lanzarote barely exceeds 60 kilometers - pass the sign with the famous demon of the Island announcing the entrance to the Park. From that point the few white houses disappear from the landscape and you enter the Moon.

The two-way road is narrow and lacks shoulders to prevent cars from stopping at points other than those enabled by park guards. Although I understand the reason, I couldn't help feeling the attraction that those mountains and lunar rocks exerted on me and I would have liked to stop the car anywhere and venture on my own in that landscape of another world.

There is a first voluntary stop for those who want to ride on the sides of the humps of a camel. I didn't do it because I already rode in Jaisalmer (India) and this had nothing to do with it: a journey of a few meters, 2 people per camel on the sides in small chairs and the animal trotting pig. The truth is that the result seemed nothing exciting. So we drove a few more meters to the checkpoint where an entrance ticket is paid 8 euros per person. From there, ascending a few meters, you reach a restaurant famous for its roasted chickens in the heat of the hot air that rises from the bowels of the earth. The bus that does the tour - about 30 minutes - leaves from there.