Places of drinks in Jerez de la Frontera

It is a spacious place with an interior Andalusian patio. Lady Juana has two different open spaces where you can even see different styles and ages in each one. Young people gather in the wide area of ​​the bar while in the large inner courtyard people sit down for drinks, drinks or dance to the music. In this area there is more thirties atmosphere. The drinks leave for 5 euros and the good atmosphere is assured.

La Lola: Porvenir Street, 1

La Lola is another central place similar to Lady Juana. An Andalusian interior patio brings together the crowd that dances, talks and has the best time. Drinks at similar prices to Lady Juana. Sometimes they perform concerts and shows.

Berber: Cabezas Street, 10

Here all the pijería de Jerez is crowded together. The ladies and gentlemen of the city come to show off their hairstyles and dresses on a real catwalk on the move. The glasses are English style: more coke than whiskey and prices at the level of Barcelona. The place seems to have emerged from the mind of some night out of Ibiza with different rooms that, at least during our visit, were not sufficiently exploited. The music goes according to each of the rooms; chill out in the haimas, techno in a splendid interior room with the DJ mounted on a kind of church organ and a room with the most pachanguera music with dark and style decoration.

Oxi nightclub:

The Oxi disco was a mystery we couldn't find. According to the Jerez people we found on the street, this was the only place we could find open at four in the morning. It is located on the outskirts and for various reasons we never get to step on our feet. If we have a Jerez who knows her, it would be good if she told us how she is.