India Are tourists scammed?

-My business is to scam tourists and I like it.- That way I confirm that principles that taxi driver in Udaipur and his overwhelming sincerity left me stunned.

-Yesterday I went and returned from the station for 40 rupees.- I replied. -Some of you take me for the same price? - I took the opportunity to ask the group of taxi drivers who were gathered. Fortunately, a volunteer soon appeared.

I asked the first taxi driver why he lost business in that absurd way and that was when he said the famous phrase: "My business is to scam tourists and I like it."

That is how blunt and direct his philosophy told me. -Many of them do not ask the price and jump directly to the vehicle, others do not flinch when I ask for 80 rupees or even more. If you want a local price bargain with another, I only drive for Rs 80 to the station.