China The X'ian Warriors

In X'ian there are not only terracotta warriors, there are also Sabadell Catalans and a plague of Spaniards screaming for the market!

X'ian, capital of the Chinese territory until the ninth century, competed with Rome in its time and then with Constantinople and other large cities for being the most powerful and opulent. Today, after the communist conviction of starting from scratch, there is only one wall that covers 14 km2 of new city. Anyway, its classic style is partly preserved with its temples, pagodas, mosques etc., but unfortunately almost everything is made in China in the 20th century.

Upon arriving at the hostel after 15 hours of train I found myself amb gent de la terra! from Sabadell, and it was nice to speak Catalan again! We went for a walk in the Muslim quarter and in the bazaar there were only Spaniards hanging around. I hadn't seen so much pack together since I started the trip. I imagine that mid-August and mass tours will be the answer ... We went to visit a mosque half Muslim, half Chinese to escape the "Mari! The bluuuuza guzta ???? !!!! ”

The next day I visited the terracotta warriors of X'ian. It is a monstrosity of 3 excavations yet to end with thousands of warriors from the 3rd century BC. It's like going to visit them at the Forum in Barcelona and at the same time have thousands of mirrors that multiply the number of warriors in the room to the infinitesimal power.