China Chendú, the capital of Sichuan

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, with no more than 11 million inhabitants. We have left the Tibetan wild west to the skyscrapers, the Christian Dior, the innumerable Chinese copies of any western brand, such as dadidas, north faced, niki, ermenegildo zola, etc. etc. They are cracks imitating these people!

Nice city although here these huge metropolises lose their personality a bit. Full of gardens and temples, it is a pleasure to walk through it. I have met a 12-year-old city boy who wanted to practice English and we have taken a walk asking the typical questions (how old are you, what is your name, where are you from, etc.) through the parks and temples of the center of the city? city.

I met an Israeli on the way to Chengdu and he suggested that I go to the hostel where he was and I don't doubt it. These people organize themselves beautifully and everywhere they leave signs in Hebrew with information of what is worth and what is not. They ride it very well and the hostel really was level. Good price, clean and water with seat! In a very curious periphery of the center where people spend their nights playing cards or a kind of domino with their tea, or watching mass movies on the portal of a friend's house.

This morning I had the pleasure of experiencing the pleasure of buying a ticket at a mega China train station. I was very busy and had no idea which of the 40 windows I had to queue for. People got in line, pushing, shouting the name of their respective mothers! It has been a fun waiting hour and when I arrived at the counter I had luck and, indeed, it was the right line. A ticket to Xian at half the price of what they offered me to the hostel and I already have a destination for tomorrow. I have 15 hours of train in China, hopefully the hard bed is not so hard!