Lagares, cider houses and a free bus, starts the party of the XI Gijón de cider

As we tell you when we publish the article of what to see and what to do in Gijón in October, one of the most desired events for Gijón people and visitors is celebrated in the middle of this month, “Gijón de Sidrto".

Fulfilling in this 2019 its XI edition, Gijón de Sidra is a twinning between chigres, cider houses and restaurants They serve cider from Asturian wineries, with the additional pairing of a different food dish in each place.

Customers who visit them can enjoy a different cider in each place, as some of the 34 wineries participating in this twinning offer cider from different lots, to reach the 45 establishments without repeating the product.

Accommodation in Gijón

As one lives in Aviles, less than 30 minutes by car or bus from Gijón, I have had few occasions to stay away from home, but I know these hotels of different budgets that may interest you as a base from which to explore Asturias or enjoy Gijón of Cider: Hotel Abba Gijón, Hotel Silken Ciudad de Gijón, Hotel San Miguel.

Interior Cider House Avenue in Gijon de Sidra

Cider houses and chigres, bars and restaurants, they are points of social union in Asturias, and with the celebration of “Gijón de Sidra”, the culture of the own drink of our land is united.

And so that Gijón people and visitors can reach a greater number of cider houses that participate in “Gijón de Sidra” and that are distributed throughout the city, in this edition there is also the “Sidro Bus”.

Sidrobus Gijón de Sidra Photo courtesy of Miguel Vaquero

The “Sidro Bus” is a bus that is made available to customers who participate in “Gijón de Sidra” to bring free cider houses throughout the city, by which they have distributed up to 11 stops in which to raise or lower the same.

Just by wearing the green scarf of this edition, and that is provided in each establishment, you can access the “Sidro bus”. This free vehicle It started its engines this weekend and will run again on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 from 8pm to midnight.

Through the QR code of the image below you can access a page that shows, in real time, at what point is the “Sidro Bus”.

Sidrobus stops (Image: Gijón de Sidra)