Shangri-la to Daoghang China: A rugged journey

The alarm rang at 6 and at that moment I knew that a long day of coach was waiting for me until I reached Daoghang but without a doubt I was completely unaware that it would be such a rugged and long and long journey ...

At 7 o'clock the coach left with me as the only tourist to a town that does not appear on the Lonely Planet but is near a national park and is plunged between the Tibetan mountains of Sichuan and on the way to Litang in the direction of Chengdú, the capital of Sichuan

The road, sometimes made of dirt, sometimes asphalt, was entering the valley and bordering an old acquaintance: the Mekong. We met in Vietnam where it expanded enormously and now we meet again, this time, youthful and powerful, newborn from the Himalayan mountains.

After two hours, the road was closed by a landslide. A crane worked to clear the road while we, 50, looked at each other with our hands in our pockets. The monsoon rains are abundant and during the last week it has not stopped raining.

Once the road is clear, we have been able to continue for just a few more kilometers. The Mekong River had completely overflowed the road and a jeep had gotten stuck in it. We all got out and started pushing the car. We took it off the road but the engine was dead, so the coach driver has not thought twice and with a rope we tied the jeep on the back of the coach.