Hiking trail through the hermitages of Marganell in Montserrat

An interesting course opens up a flat course and little effort hiker proposal to do as a family. We are in the vicinity of the town of Marganell, a few kilometers north of Montserrat and where there is a set of Romanesque hermitages scattered throughout its surroundings.

The route consists of a little more than 5 kilometers and according to the rhythm that we propose we can do it in 1 or 2 hours. We barely find unevenness and through an agrarian environment we will have a splendid visual of the Montserrat mountains practically at all times. In addition, we can contemplate three Romanesque hermitages that will add a cultural touch to the hiking day.

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The road is circular So we can start at any point along the way. We opted to bring the car to the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol and started the march towards the hermitage of Sant Esteve. There is an extensive parking lot so it is an ideal place to start the route.

Small villages follow the path of Marganell Hermitages

Sant Cristófol It is a hermitage built in the eleventh century although it has seen several remodeling during its existence, especially in the eighteenth century. When we arrived it was closed so we couldn't see inside. If you arrive on a Sunday at Mass time you can enter and see it.

The road in the direction of the hermitage of Sant Esteve passes through several scattered farmhouses in the area, crosses several carved fields and at all times we have a perfect visual of the curious silhouette of the Montserrat massif that so many legends have created.

The Marganell Hermitages route with constant views of Montserrat

The hermitage of Sant Esteve It is in a worse state of preservation than its neighbor but, without a doubt, it provides a much more impressive scenic setting with part of its interior in ruins and the details of a late Romanesque architecture of the 13th century.

We take the opportunity to make a picnic In the same hermitage. A few steps from it you will find some tables to leave your things. However, it was quite windy and we chose to find shelter inside the hermitage whose roof is completely unprotected.

The ruins from inside the hermitage of Sant Esteve