The 5 best places to travel to in July

Just released the summer and with it comes the main holiday period of the vast majority of Spaniards. During the months of July and August, almost 80% of Spaniards will take a break from the work routine to enjoy, love (or fight, let's not forget that a good part of the ruptures of relationships occur during the holidays), eat, drink, disconnect (something complicated if you do not leave your cell phone at home) and recharge batteries for the rest of the year .

It is now when we begin to consider where to travel in July. Although historically, August has always been the quintessential holiday month, in recent years there are few who advocate for July, looking for lower prices and lower agglomerations. However, there is less and less difference in both aspects between these two months.

If you're still not sure where to travel in July, here are a few good options:

1. Pamplona, ​​Spain

Do you want to be half suffocated in the town hall square of Pamplona to be able to contemplate the chupinazo that marks the beginning of the San Fermin Holidays? Well then include the capital Navarra in the positions of honor of the places to travel to in July.

I met these parties many years ago. In fact, he still had a good head of hair on his head. Also, for more inri, my friends and I decided to surrender to the Sanfermines just before starting to walk some stages of the Camino de Santiago. I do not recommend this plan. One thing or the other. Of course, as we were young, the thing did not end so badly.

Between July 6 and 15, Pamplona dresses up and hosts one of the best known parties worldwide. A perfect destination to travel with friends and whenever you are looking for a little bit of mess. If you want to admire the beauty of Pamplona relaxed, you better leave it for another time of the year.

2. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Sunset at Koh Phangan

In the month of July, while monsoon rains devastate the islands of the Andaman Sea (located west of Thailand), the sun shines in the skies of Gulf of Thailand, where three paradise islands host a large torrent of tourists throughout the year: Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan It is the middle island of the three. Its size is perfect to enjoy for a week, with tropical forests, temples, waterfalls and wonderful beaches. Also, if you are looking for a party, try to match your travel dates with one of the best known festivals in the world: Koh Phangan's Full Moon Party.

At the Full Moon Party, once a month, More than 3 people meet at the small beach of Haad Rin, located south of the island and occupies just over a kilometer of coastline. Electronic music, hip hop, reggae, cheap drink and a little of everything will be waiting for you.

If you prefer tranquility and nature, those days stay in the northern part of Koh Phangan. In short, one of the best destinations to travel to in July.

3. Naxos, Greece

Portara, in Naxos