Vietnam Hoi An: A fashion show in traditional Vietnam

And we come to this wonderful city. A living museum declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO where one has the feeling of having been catapulted two centuries ago in Asia from the silk trade and the quiet and meditative life of the Buddhist mentality. After the Kon Tum experience I think we will relax for a few days in this beautiful place.

Paradise for women, in any corner you come across a shop where they make you dresses, armanis, perfect copies of Panama Jack, whatever you want and tailored for a few dollars. This afternoon I already have my new pants and a pair of custom made shirts. Yuhuu! And we will take a walk through the old town that, fortunately, was one of the few undamaged American madness. Pagodas, Japanese bridges, Chinese temples, Cantonese palaces, old merchant houses. Chams ruins in My Son that we will visit tomorrow although I do not expect to find anything spectacular after having visited the colossal Angkor Wat.

Hoi An seems to breathe with the dead oxygen of two centuries ago, with its past cham, its Chinese influence and Vietnamese life and it is appreciated to rest in this pleasant cultural mixture after a month changing house day by day as well.