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Russia in 8 days

We start with a great guide from a 8-day trip through Russia Realized by Logbook.

Russia is huge and with only 8 days, Isabel, rightly, concentrated visiting the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

In your article you will find the itinerary with links corresponding to each stage, the process of buying flights and visas to visit Russia and its experiences in accommodation, visits and gastronomy that he met in the country.

An essential guide that I keep in my favorites for the day I finally set foot for the first time in the land of Dostoevsky.

Moscow (c) @diariodeabordo

The cliffs of Slieve League in Donegal

We continue through the European continent and we go to its western side. The cliffs of Slieve League in Donegal, Ireland, constitute the highest vertical wall in Europe and that is where Jordi Busqué, José Ramón Alvarez and our partner Sergi Tortell tell us their impressions after a joint trip.

Each one contributes his particular vision after experiencing the warm reception of the Irish of the west in one of the wildest places of the continent.

Pub in Donegal (c) @viajesrockyfotos, @jalvarogonzalez