Vietnam From Nha Trang to Kon Tum: Traveling on the alternative route

We arrive at Nha Trang, one of the best beaches in Vietnam, where we spend a day and a night. On the same beach the services are incredible: massages, food (lobsters, huge crabs, etc.) manicures, beauty treatments, Vietnam-style zipps, t-shirts, etc.) The same beach, beautiful with a few jungle islands around it It looks like a moving market.

Upon reaching the town came disappointment. Kon Tum seemed to be an ideal point to get away from the tourist route and see the virgin tribes and mountains of the country but the city was nothing more than a set of relatively new streets in the middle of a plain with the mountains quite far away. Finally, we had the most spectacular storm that I have ever seen and we were more than three hours locked in the room without eating and with an obvious anger. The storm ended after about 3 or 4 hours although it did not stop drizzling throughout the day. We went to the bank to exchange money and they did not accept euros. Fantastic Kon Tum! They still have no idea that there is another currency that is not called a dollar! In the end we exchange money in a jewelry store (what things does life have!) For an acceptable change.

We visited one of the tribes near the town but it was already night and little we could see. Upon returning, we found a fantastic bar, one of the best that I have ever seen, taken from an art gallery (incomprehensible to find it in a place like that!) And we relaxed with a beer and decided to leave there as soon as possible and forget the Kon experience Tum of our minds!