The food in the street of Aviles: gastronomic farewell to Holy Week

Food Tables in the Street, Avilés, Asturias

Like any other genius, it sounds crazy that to say goodbye to the capirotes, the steps and the candles, in Aviles on Easter Monday almost 15,000 people we get to eat in the middle of the street.

If during the previous week the devotion filled them with penitents, cofradres and spectators, the Monday after Easter Sunday during the Food in Avilés Street, on the tablecloths of approximately 5 kilometers of tables will be the empanadas, tortillas and cider bottles the stars of the party.

The party that fits this gastronomic fraternization is the Fiesta del Bollo, declared of National Tourist Interest, and that since 1893 celebrates the arrival of Spring and the end of religious gathering.

The origin of its name is a product (the bun, a sweetened bread) born of a traveling need, that of being able to have a food that could support the long transatlantic voyages of the 17th century. Your present, a gift from godparents and godmothers to their godchildren as sweet as their ingredients (butter, icing sugar, flour, eggs), a more sweet tooth than the Asturian sailors ate centuries ago.

The Bun Festival is celebrated with float parades, giants, big heads, parties, sports competitions, folk dances, music festivals, fairs and activities. And one of them is Street Food, which in 2014 meets its XXII edition.

Street Food in Avilés

The City Council of Avilés is in charge of animating the party (with itinerant musicians) and convert 23 streets of the historic center into a gigantic outdoor dining, by installing chairs and mounting almost 1,600 wooden boards that will be covered with kilometers of tablecloths.

The green spaces (the Ferrera Park, the great green lung of the center of Avilés or the Muelle Park, with its views of the Niemeyer Center) also count for these purposes as streets, as young people are like that of rebels, any piece of grass it's invaded by teenagers to enjoy the party, maybe with more drink and less food than his elders.

Street food in Aviles, Youth with cider