A woman demands a man for masturbating beside him during a flight

It turns out that one day a 21-year-old girl was traveling on a flight from Dalas to Los Angeles last year with the American Airlines company. He was sleeping and did not notice that a man had changed places on the plane and sat next to her.

The man began to masturbate and finished the task ejaculating on his hair. Apparently, the woman noticed and tried to get the attention of the flight attendants but apparently they ignored her. Some passengers finally intervened in the unpleasant situation and when the plane landed the man was arrested.

Now the woman has sued the company and asks for $ 200,000 because the crew on board American Airlines went completely out of the situation leaving her helpless before such an individual. The airline has apologized for what happened but has not declared itself regarding the decision to take the case to court.

I hope nothing similar happens to you!

Via, Sky Talk