Reforesting: a formula to travel and work at the same time

With Greg on Mount Cook

Greg recommends Canada as a place to start If you are a newbie. The season runs from May to September on the West Coast where, apparently, it is very easy to find work - even without experience - because of the large number of companies in search of labor. On the Canadian East coast the season extends somewhat more, from June to October.

In Australia, given their vast extent, they need people all year long. Between June and September in the South of the country and between November and May in the North part.

The work itself does not depend on the brute force of the person. Many will imagine the great Paul Bunyan and his bull cutting down trees with an enormous force and wearing the typical plaid shirt and drinking a liter of beer from a drink in the only lost bar in the area. Well, no. Replanting trees demands more skill than strength and Greg says he worked with girls who produced better results than him being thinner and smaller.

The planting technique will be taught in your first job - you'll be a "Rookie"- and you better learn it at a good pace because your salary will depend on it.

You are right, what copper will depend directly on the number of trees you plant every day.

The figures Greg tells me are for pulling hairs. He learned on the west coast of Canada and then went east to complete the season. After his first 3 months of rookie in the West he earned an average of $ 300 a day closer to the Atlantic. On his best day he got $ 680 by planting at a speed of vertigo.

Regarding expenses: they are minimal. The accommodation is free along with the diets - in some places all of them and in others had to pay for lunch or dinner, but never both - and even expenses for beer in Australia.

You can really save a pastón.

Although the money throws a lot you know that not everything is rositas. In some of the contracts he was staying in motels but in Canada he also had to live in a tent throughout the season. I think everyone knows that the weather there is not what you will find camping on the beaches of Benicassim during the IBF.

Greg tells me that, although the work is not wear both physically, yes you can do it mentally. Describe days when you spend 8 hours planting trees mechanically under a downpour and then you go with your wet clothes to your tent - also wet - to try to sleep if it is not carried by rain or wind.

It is clear that the one who wants something costs him.

The companies give you a shovel and bags to plant but the rest of the team looks like you have to carry it. Warm clothes, rain and mountain boots, raincoats ... etc ... etc ... They will run from your account.

Normally the shifts are 8 hours a day, five days a week with the weekend off.

It has given me a website that can be useful - tree planting - and to find work in Canada you just have to put “tree planting Canada”On Google and many companies will appear looking for people.

Well, I hope I helped you. One last note: regarding the subject visas To work in each of these countries I recommend that you look for the information because I know that if you go past 30 or 35 in some cases, things get complicated. In addition Spain has no agreement of working visa with Australia for example.

Greg has kindly agreed to answer other questions that people may have and told me that he could provide his email address but for now I will leave him alone and according to people who want to contact him I will end up publishing it here. He also does not understand Spanish and will always have to be written in English.

The truth is that if I got to hear about this a few years ago, I think I would have been the first to sign up!