Arrival to Bratislava

The small Bratislava Airport (M.R. Stefaniká) is located about 9 km outside the capital and is perfectly connected to it through a frequent bus service, in addition to the ubiquitous taxis.

Do not be surprised if you already start to see that prices are also in crowns (Sk 21.09 in this case) because Slovakia only has been in the euro since January and it is given as an orientation, as in Spain there is still the figure in pesetas at the end of the purchase tikets of El Corte Inglés.

Of the two lines that reach the airport (61 day / night and 96) the one we were interested in was 61 and the vehicle arrived in ten minutes. As you climb there is a little machine in which to enter the ticket to validate it, not doing so is an infraction and carries you a fine.

To make things easier for native people and foreigners, an information screen (located next to the roof behind the driver) shows the name of the route and what is the next stop (If you look, at each stop there is a sign with your name, the lines that stop there and the type of vehicle, tram, bus, or electric bus).

Just over 20 minutes away, we find the Karpatská stop, located on the opposite sidewalk and about 100 meters before our accommodation for that weekend, the Possonium Hostel, on Ĺ ancová street, number 20.

By the way, I almost forgot, if you are one of those who stop sending postcards for the last hour, there is a post office at the airport, so there is no excuse!

Timetables Airport - Bratislava | Line 61