The tracks of Camilo José Cela, Santa Teresa de Jesús and the Princess of Éboli in Pastrana

"The next morning, when the traveler looked at the Plaza of the hour and really entered and for use, in Pastrana, the first feeling he had was to meet a medieval city, a large medieval city"

These words dedicated the great Camilo José Cela, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, to Pastrana, a town he went through on his famous tour of the province of Guadalajara. And I say famous because of the notes he took during that old-fashioned pilgrimage (walking and with a hatchet on his back), the book of Journey to La Alcarria, one of the most celebrated and remembered works of the great Don Camilo, would come out.

Last year, more or less at this time, I was fortunate to be able to follow part of the Don Camilo route, but with many more amenities. I did not reach Pastrana on foot, but instead mounted on a small bus that accompanied us throughout the weekend.

However, the sensations that Don Camilo describes in those two introductory phrases I also felt when I looked out at that medieval street network that is Pastrana. But let's not carry on events.

How to get to Pastrana?

Ducal Palace of Pastrana

Well, unless you want to walk as much as Don Camilo, the normal thing is to do it by car.

To get to Pastrana from Madrid by road, you must take the A-2 to Guadalajara. Then, take the N-320 towards Cuenca, until exit 239, which takes you to Pastrana.

The bus option is also valid from Guadalajara.

Famous Pastrana personalities

Tomb of the Princess of Eboli in the crypt of the Collegiate Church of Pastrana