Quick guide to travel to France

A walk through Le Touquet: the beach of Paris
Paris 13: a walk through the less touristy Paris
The Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris: a tribute to the dead
Traveling by train from Madrid to Paris
How to get from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris
The city of Paris in a high definition panoramic
The padlocks of Pont des Arts in Paris
Free museums in Paris (or almost free)
The beach in the Parisian summer
The magic of Eurodisney

Visit to Lille in two days


Where to eat in Lyon: the traditional Bouchons
Visit to Lyon: what to see in three days
The festival of lights in Lyon
The Croix-Rousse neighborhood in Lyon
Public transport in Lyon
Visit to Grenoble
How to get to Grenoble

The Loire

Visit to Tours in the Loire Valley