A good experience at the airport

I wasn't quite clear at first

Just in case I took a hammer

While I was preparing my luggage for the trip, my son asked me if we could take a hammer that they had recently given him. At first I didn't think it was a good idea but finally I thought that, given previous experiences with airport employees, it was not too much to undertake this new armed adventure.

Calculated hand luggage, passports in order and reserved seat. This time nothing had escaped me, so we couldn't fail. But posts to continue with the doctoral thesis that I am dedicating to the behavior and customs of aerospace fauna, I decided to prepare a trap that would serve as an exercise.

This was the trap that I prepared for airport employees

I put a shaving cream tube in my bag that contained 150 grams but that, when it came to checking its exact content, had a certain trick, nothing more and nothing less than a calculation only suitable for super-developed minds.

You already know that reasonable and consistent airport regulations only allow containers in your hand luggage to contain no more than 100 ml of liquid. And you will tell me, okay, I can't carry a container that contains 500 ml, but can I carry 5 containers that contain 100 ml? The answer is yes. Apparently the airports, after consulting with NASA, the pentagon and Israeli intelligence services, they have concluded that it is not the same. So stop ahead.

Second interesting point, is shaving cream or toothpaste a liquid? Buff, things start to get complicated. According to studies conducted by the secret service of the People's Republic of Mongolia, an analyst who seems to be a descendant (like so many of us) of Genghis Khan himself, concluded that yes. Based on what? Well, probably based on the tip of your reasoning that, descending from who descends, deserves all our respect.

Now I always carry those plastic bags that cost me 1 eurazo

Well, once you open certain questions, I put my shaving cream next to the rest of the dangers (toothpaste, deodorant, etc) in that plastic bag for which not long ago they made me pay 1 euro.

Arrived my time to pass the hand luggage through the terror tunnel and, as expected, we had to check the contents of my bag. "Sir, this tube exceeds the allowed size”- the friendly airport employee told me. "I don't know what you're talking about, this tube contains 100 grams. See what puts it here? 100 + 50 grams 100 that carries the tube and 50 that they gave me in another container that I keep at home. The 50 more came free, so I bought it, to take advantage of the offer.”The man, somewhat surprised, looked at the tube and looked at me again with the face of not understanding anything. "If you want we check it. Do you have any gadget with which to measure the content in this tube? For me there is no problem. On the other hand it is cream, it is not liquid. Can you explain to me why the cream is considered a liquid?" I told. The man looked at the tube again, put it in the bag and said β€œPass, have a good tripβ€œ.

Test passed! Common sense seems to be returning to airports! As if that were not enough, the good man, seeing that the plastic bag in which they were my weapons of mass destruction It was quite wet and dusty, it offered me the opportunity to exchange it for a new one I had around, at no cost! I could'nt believe it. Excited and with wet eyes I thanked him and continued my journey.

Finally everything went well

Is it really possible that things are changing? Do you think someone has started to put some sanity in airport security checks? Could it be that this 2013 brings new ways of seeing life?

I can't answer any of these questions yet but during my last experience, as they say politicians (these other beings endowed with an unusual intelligence) I thought I saw some green shoots.

I, as an optimistic and positive person who consider myself, believe that it is possible and I will do everything that it takes on my part to collaborate. About the results that I find during my next trips, all I can say right now is that I'll keep informing you!