Girona a step away from Karlstad in Sweden

Karlstad is the ideal place to practice sports in nature.

In the end one has to value the good and the bad things - as in so many other areas of life - and make decisions. Personally, I have flown with them a hundred times (I don't count them, but the number must go around) and I still do it today. My main motivation is the price and the attractive routes.

In this case, Ryanair is the only airline that directly connects Spain with the beautiful region in which Karlstad is located. In fact, the Irish line has decided that Girona is the only city in all of Europe from which you can fly to this Swedish city.

The flights are Monday and Friday.

It is a golden opportunity to get to know this region of central Sweden, famous for being on the shores of the largest lake in the country - Vänern- and being one of its sunniest cities.

Image: VisitSweden