Trekking in Alicante: Puig Campana circular route

Now that the sun does not burn, it is the best time to discover the many hiking trails that my land has, Alicante, the second most mountainous province in Spain.

For now I am discovering some routes near Benidorm, Calpe and Villajoyosa, north of Alicante. After walking through the Serra Gelada, climb the beautiful rock of the rock of Ifach and border the coast of Villajoyosa to climb the Aguiló tower, last week it was the turn of Puig Campana, which with its 1,410 masl has the honor of being the second highest Spanish peak of those that are so close to the sea (it is only 10 km from the waters of the Mediterranean).

Thanks to my friend and great person, Ricardo Gete, I was able to discover another one of those pearls that, because of having it so close, one does not value.

How to get to Puig Campana

If you leave from Alicante, you must take a north direction. To do so, you can choose between the A-7 (for a fee) or the N-332 national road. On a weekday during low season (as was the case) we decided to take the national, which also gives you beautiful views of the Alicante coast, framed, on your left, through the winding mountains of Parducas.

If you're in a hurry or it's a busy day, then take the highway.

At the height of Benidorm you should look at the exit signs and take the one that indicates the regional road CV-767 (the CV-759 if you decide to deviate in Villajoyosa). It is the one that takes you to Finestrat, starting point of the route to Puig Campana.

Once you arrive in Finestrat, you should look for the Font del Molí, near the entrance of the town. Leave the car in the small parking lot and start walking.

First steps