From Garraf to Sitges: Hiking route through the Garraf Natural Park

Views of the town of Garraf where our tour begins

Hiking route through the Garraf Natural Park starting at the Garraf train station following the GR-92 and PR C-37 trails to end at the Sitges train station through the Creu de Sant Isidre.

Despite being a few kilometers from Barcelona and suffered landscaping calamities with quarries that seem like hell, tunnels that have left the area made a gruyère cheese and cement factories that seem to have emerged from a post-nuclear era, The Garraf Natural Park still shows its natural charms with some virgin corners and enviable views of the Mediterranean.

The route that we will relate next no car required. We can do it perfectly using the R2 line commuter trains that link Barcelona with Sant Vicenç de Calders with stops that are close to the Garraf natural park such as Castelldefels, Garraf and Sitges.

The day we started in the Garfef Renfe Station. We left by the north face of the station in search of the national road where we will see the first red and white marks of the GR-92. After making a wide curve we will see that the marks move us away from the road through a path that ascends and gradually we will begin to have views of the sea and the small town of Garraf.

The road goes up an ascending zigzag until you reach the huge quarry that breaks the virgin nature of the area. With such a scare on the right, the dirt track makes steep climbs straight until it reaches the top of the quarry. We move to the right and pass a curious center of abandoned dogs that will greet us as we pass.

We arrive at the Pleta where the Garraf natural park office. Around it a path as a one-kilometer botanical itinerary with which we can know and observe the most characteristic flora and geomorphology of the Garraf massif. The tour is adapted for visitors with physical disabilities and lasts about 40 minutes.

The horrible quarry that will accompany us for a while on our tour

From here we must follow the main road a few kilometers in a continuous ascent until reaching Pla d'en Querol. The mood letters written in chalk on the pavement evoke a past cycling race and will also encourage us to finish the ascent.

Once we have reached the Pla d'en Querol (487 meters) we have several options, on the one hand we can climb to La Morella, the highest peak of the Garraf natural park with its 593 meters, next to it the astronomical center of the Garraf rises and on the other hand the GR-92 descends in the direction of Vallgrassa.

We will take this last option. The vegetation in this area is very abundant and between branches, brambles and stones hidden in the undergrowth will make it difficult for us to pass. The descent is short but abrupt. Once inside the valley we follow a dry stream. We must pay attention in this area since the abundant stones of all possible sizes and weeds hinder the passage and hide the marks of the path that we are following.

Along the Garraf Natural Park hundreds of cavities are known, the majority vertical and of varied dimensions that will cause the delights of the speculators. As hikers, we must walk with special attention in certain areas and not deviate from the indicated path (although it is sometimes difficult to find it) especially in the area near La Morella and the path that connects Pla d'en Querol with Vallgrassa.

Views of the Garraf Observatory