New Delhi threatened by monkeys

New Delhi. In this city of India where more than 18 million people live, we must also add the thousands of monkeys that inhabit it, jump over the rooftops, feed on anything and contaminate what they bite in its path. Finally the Hindu government will put letters on the matter.

One of the main causes that motivated the government to make decisions was due to the death of a city official when he fell from a balcony while fighting with a good number of primates who had settled in it.

The city has tried to eradicate this epidemic for years, but due to lack of budget, attempts have been unsuccessful. To complicate matters further, Hindus profess a special devotion to these animals. Let's not forget that one of its gods, Hanuman, appears in the sacred book of the monkey-shaped Ramayana. And with these we find that the macaca population today has even increased alarmingly.

The government seems to have hit the table this time and will try to take measures to eradicate the city's animals. We will see if the measures taken are for the good of the people and offer a worthy option to the animals.

After all, it is positive news for tourists. As nice as these animals may fall, traveling through a city full of monkeys can be dangerous.

One tip: Do not cross your eyes or give them food.

Via Jaunted