Trekking agencies in Huaraz

Although I, like Quique previously, decided to do the Santa Cruz trekking on my own, in the city of Huaraz there are dozens of agencies that will offer you a multitude of different services. Not only the famous Santa Cruz trekking but also other longer ones around the area or things like Canyoning, ice climbing, equipment rental and visits to the nearby archaeological ruins of Chavín.

Huaraz's is very close to the Plaza de Armas and you will see the signal as soon as you reach it. A very nice boy attended me very well and gave me the name of several agencies that, according to him, were legit: Monttrek and JM among them.

Not only did I visit these but I toured several of those found in the crowded and active Luzuriaga street. The truth is that none inspired me a lot of confidence and I was almost predisposed to enjoy the freedom to do it on my own. I think I did the right thing because I found a group on my third day of trekking and it seemed incredible what I was seeing.

We came from a very hard rise and fall to Union Point -4,750 meters of altitude- and we were on our way to a camp where we would spend the night. It was 12 o'clock and we had been walking for 5 hours. The group that we crossed was made up of 5 American girls - one of whom was already panting and very late after only 3 hours of slight rise - and a 60-year-old man. We notified the guide of the bad weather conditions we had encountered, including snow, water and fog that had left the road very difficult even to find. He said it was no problem and that the group was taken to the camp on the other side of the pass.

Since we left them the weather got worse and the rain swept the valley. My friend Cristoph and I asked ourselves several times about the fate of that group. Possibly they would have succeeded but we think that with many cries and at night.

But they already told me at the tourist office: there are agencies that do whatever they do for money.

As I write this article I hear an American girl tell her mother how the guide of her group did not bring rain layers when it seems that they had been promised that they were included. The girl claims to have passed an infernal trekking under the constant rain that has fallen these days in the mountains.

The same applies to equipment rental if you go on your own. I was lucky and found a place where they gave me a good tent for a good price - 9 soles a day - and the same about the kitchen and the insulation, but you should always check the equipment before renting it.

If you decide to go with a guide I can advise a good friend that I met by chance in Bariloche a few months ago and works here. His name is César Roca and if you are interested you just have to contact me and I will give you all your details to locate it. He is a very good person and although he was not here at this time he put me in touch with his brothers to help decide and prepare the trekking.

Well, this is almost a general advice for all of South America, be careful with the tours you book because there are very lively people!