Travel to the best deserts in the world

Not all deserts are equal. Although the sand predominates in all of them creating infinite waves over the earth's layer, although life can barely be seen trying to breathe under the suffocating desert sun, each of the deserts I have visited had some peculiarity that made them different from the others. .

Rajasthan desert, India

Binaker, Rajasthan

In the northwestern part of India the desert of Rajasthan extends until it reaches the borders with Pakistan. During my first tour of India I moved to Bikaner where I undertook a journey of a couple of days with some fellow travelers that I found along the way.

We agreed camels, guide, cook, tents and excursion in the same city of Bikaner and we left for about 50 euros per beard. The food was exquisite and although the desert itself let me down a little.

It was the first time I visited a desert and expected those huge dunes that appear in the reports. The Rajasthan desert, at least the part visited around Bikaner, does not offer huge dunes and the vegetation is relatively abundant if we consider that we are in a desert.

Touring the Bikaner Desert, Rajasthan