Visit to Rotorua in New Zealand

The park of Kuirau in the center of Rotorua.

The city, due to the large flow of tourists it receives each year, offers many alternatives of accommodation for the small size it has. The hostel we stayed in was really well equipped and we slept warm after several nights freezing in our van.

In the morning we leave the hostel and walk less than 200 meters to reach the Kuirau municipal park.

Do not expect the typical park with trees, plants and flowers that flood the air with a fresh jars of jasmine and so on. It smells like rotten eggs. So clear.

One of the pools that give that sybaritic touch of rotten eggs.

The fault is the different sulfur and mud pools that splash - literally, so do not get too close to the fences when they are in a good boil - boiling mud and release a smell worthy of the cave of the Trolls of The Hobbit.

It is this smell of the park and other parts of the city that has caused it to be nicknamed Rotten (rotten) -rua.

The walk is very curious and you can always relax for a while by putting your feet in the hot water ponds.

But the main attractions of the area are the spectacular geysers on the outskirts, in the area of Whakarewarewa. There are about 500 hot water ponds and 60 active geysers. The most famous is the Pohutu, which shoots its mixture of water and steam at more than 30 meters tall every hour.

One of the hot water pools where you can put your feet.