Accommodation in Súa

We arrived at that time of 5 in the morning with night still closed and few roosters making an appearance. We wander with our backpacks through the deserted streets passing through some more elaborate hostels, cabins and complexes without seeing a single light. Arriving almost to the promenade - in the second line - we saw a hostel that did have light in one of its windows. After 7 hours of buses and going with the mother and sister of our French friend Myriam, I didn't think twice and pounded on the door of the Steffani Hostel. Soon a lanky boy came out with bleary eyes but a good morning smile (later we would discover that he never took it off). We told him we were looking for accommodation and he went for his father.

Julio is the head of an Afro-Ecuadorian family of evangelistic beliefs that will go out of their way for your comfort in his humble home. He offered us a price that we found very good -4 dollars per person and night- for triple rooms that we don't share with anyone. Let's see, the place is very very basic, mosquitoes come in at night - but the fan keeps them quite at bay - and there are problems with the water cuts in the shower. But honestly, I prefer to give my money to the family of July that to the bungalow complex that is on the beachfront and that offers much better face and only cost 6 dollars a night. Keep in mind that we went in April and the prices in the summer months will always be higher. We were practically alone in the town.

In the tranquility of Súa's life, we had long conversations with Julio, a man of incredible kindness who had taken advantage of a government loan at a very low interest - granted only to the poorest people in the country - to condition that old home with In order to welcome travelers. Evangelist and of strong religious beliefs, he dedicates all his time to his business and to take care of his family: woman, son, daughter-in-law and grandson. His son sells seafood and fish in the town and other surrounding towns to help bring the family forward at a time when there is almost no tourism.

No doubt a beautiful way to help those who need it and that will make your stay even more pleasant. A hug Julio!