Know the effects of a real avalanche

There are few things left to invent when one is a simulation that recreates an avalanche. Yesterday, at the ski resort of Deux Alpes, this simulator that cost a whopping 600,000 euros was opened to the public.

In it one can enjoy from the effects caused by a real avalanche: extreme cold, total rotation, sound, lack of oxygen, etc. Everything you expect to feel if you find yourself in the middle of an avalanche except death by suffocation, seconds of panic before dying, neck breakage or viewing your own life the seconds before death.

The simulator consists of two rooms with a huge fan that filters cold air. The cabin can rotate on six axes and is capable of throwing visitors in an arch of up to seven meters.

The simulation lasts a maximum of two minutes including twenty final seconds of avalanche that, according to technicians, is much less than the endless suffering that most real victims suffer before they die or be rescued. The camera is inside a large dome that also includes an exhibition on the theme of avalanches.