The Nazca Lines, Peru

I arrived in Nazca by coach from Cuzco, and I got on a 40-minute plane flight to observe something that I knew from the documentaries of National Geographic and that I wanted to check with my own eyes. He approximate price is 50 US dollars (about 35 euros) including the airport fee that you will have to pay separately when you hire the plane that will fly over the mysterious Nazca lines.

The Nazca Desert ... its simple name conjures up the image of mysteries still to be solved. The Nazca Lines, famous throughout the world, still remain one of the ancestral enigmas known to man. Are they a calendar? Yes maybe; But how were these giant engravings on earth? And in what way are the Nazca lines connected to the Inca civilization? ... in case there was a technological exchange? Whatever Nazca is really, it is truly worth this trip through time that will leave you an indescribable sense of mystery about the meaning of the famous and mysterious Nazca lines.