Travel to Stuttgart

Tomorrow I travel to Stuttgart for business. It is usually one of the cities where tourism does not usually settle too much compared to other German capitals such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich. In fact, the offices are installed in a lost town on the outskirts but I decided to look for the hotel in the city and move with the train. In this way, I can take advantage of the few hours I have free visiting the city.

I will only be three days and I doubt that I have a lot of time to escape and visit the nearby black forest that opens at the foot of the city or the famous white wine vineyards that have given so much popularity to the region during the last years.

My co-workers in Germany have only told me that temperatures have dropped to 2 degrees below zero and little else - winter will have to start earlier than I expected. So I have taken a look at the wikitravel to take into account the most interesting places in Stuttgart:

Apparently, we have a beautiful square and gardens to walk (Schlossplatz and Schlossgarten), a must-as long as time permits, to the world of motor with the Mercedes Benz museum and another dedicated to the history of Porsche and Some buildings and museums of cultural interest.

We will leave the gastronomy in the hands of my office colleagues.

I'll tell you back!

Image, Nebelkerze Flickr